Fun Stats

On 07/07/2020 at 17:25:55 we have already
delivered 18844 shields to 1408 clients.
1410 frontline institutions have expressed a need
for 17581 face shields.

We used ~509kg of filament
with a total length of ~170km .

This amount of filament unrolled could cover
1.1 x the distance Auckland to Tauranga .

Our print heads have traveled a
combined distance of ~5182km ,
4.37 x the distance from Invercargill to Auckland .

If all delivered frames where stacked up
they would reach a height of ~269.47m ,
0.82 x the height of the SkyTower in Auckland .

If one person would have attempted this job
with one average 3D-Printer running 24/7,
it would have taken
916 days and 0 hours .
A tough ask. 😲

Thx to each of the
254 amazing boys and girls activly supporting ShieldsUp.
Amazing effort guys !!!
Only 0 to go.
Anybody having 0.0 spools of 1kg (1.75mm) filament left ?

data source: ShieldsUpNZ